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How We Will Support You
There are many ways in which we can provide support to you; it very much depends upon you, your needs and what you want to achieve as a result of receiving our support. We aim to build your support package around your life and this package can be tailored specifically to your required outcomes and goals. We will be guided by your individual needs and targets; we will involve you at every stage of your 'Person Centred Planning'; therefore your 'Personal Support Plan' will be an evolving document which is able to adapt to your changing needs.

Your dignity, privacy and respect are the most important aspects of our support to you and our support is shaped and guided by these principles.

We are able to provide support with 'everyday tasks'; such as:
  • Domestic duties
  • Managing medication
  • Shopping (food or otherwise)
  • Meal preparation and cooking of meals/snacks/drinks
  • Any other daily tasks that you require support with
We are also able to provide support to you with daily tasks of a more personal and intimate nature; such as:
  • Personal hygiene
  • Personal care
  • Getting clothed/unclothed
  • Anything that is involved with getting ready for the day or getting ready to go to bed
We are also able to support you during the night as and when required, we do not simply provide a service to you; we want to provide companionship and friendship along the way.

If you have needs which may be more complex or you require a greater level of support with aspects of your life; we are able to provide a Live-In service. This high level of support gives 24 hour peace of mind and security that you are supported and cared for in every aspect of your life if required. Please "Contact Us" for more information about this service.

We do not envisage ourselves as simply a support provider to you in your home; we see ourselves as being a great deal more. We are also able to support you in:
  • Managing budgets
  • Pursuing hobbies and interests in the community
  • Gaining employment
  • Going on holiday
  • Accessing community facilities
  • Attendance of appointments (medical or otherwise)
  • Attendance of social or family commitments/events
  • Paying bills and/or banking (subject to very strict conditions)
  • Developing life skills
From the above, you will realise that the scope of support that we can provide is wide and depending upon your needs, we may be able to provide even more support in ways that are not mentioned above. You will also realise that we can provide all the support you need in order for you to achieve your goals ambitions.
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